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“Changes, in our times, are so fast that sometimes it is difficult to grasp and understand the signals coming from the civil society and from the economic world.


To give efficient answers is our task. Actually, we deal with urban management in a lateral thinking attitude.  It is only througout a multi-disciplinary knowledge that is actually possible to get to a self-conscious and sustainable development, respecting the environment and the whole society.


A well-established experience in complex processes management and the ability to articulate innovative actions on the field are indeed our best introduction: our clients, both public and private, are well aware of this.


We keep on working to let our clients develop operations to generate value, helping them to manage the result and to mantain it along time.


From 1999 our company offers services to public companies, private companies and private entrepeneurs both italian and europeans.


We grew up, moving to d-recta.


To get directly to the target

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